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Published : 04/10/2017 14:16:44
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Our main speciality is wrought iron work.

The whole endeavour evolved out of Thorman Sepikoda (Thorman Forge). At first, we only sold our own products and did work on commission. Now we’ve brought other Estonian craftsmen on board and more will follow. All of the products sold on this site were made in Estonia!

We also still take orders for wrought iron elements. Big or small, we’ll consider any project. Here’s a little more about the bigger projects where we’ve collaborated with carpenter friends to produce furnishings: Beer Garden, Kochi Aidad...
Other customers who have ordered wrought iron elements for furnishings include Steffani Pizzarestoran, Viikinkiravintola Harald, Olde Hansa Our work can be found elsewhere as well, recognizable by our symbol for the last 20 years – two crossed axes.

High quality forgings from our smithy

Our summers have been full of festivals and outdoor vending sales. On this page, you’ll find out more about these activities. We attend events in Germany, all over Scandinavia and in Finland. At these events, we mainly offer our own hand-forged products under the Thorman name. Where possible, we also teach workshops and demonstrate the main techniques of metal forging.

We hold workshops and other events at our own smithy located just outside Pärnu. There is also an on-site boutique that carries most of the items in the online shop.

You’re always welcome to come by.

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